December, 2008

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blogit.jpg(c) Ryan Slack 2008 Another stop on Red Bull’s Ditchin’ tour 

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(c) Ryan Slack 2008

Shred Stixx rider Wes Beck serves fresh gnar.

Gnar Gnar Binks pops a 360 flip 0

(c) Ryan Slack 2008

So on the Red Bull Ditchin’ Tour we had like 25 of the best local skaters from all around texas and we hit up all of the secret spots in Austin, Dallas, and Fort Worth. This was a sweet little loading dock with a bak and a wall next to it. Kids wer jumping off it, up it, around it. So sick.

Guapo Skateboards’ Super Secret Skate Layer! 0

Ke’Chaud Johnson – (c) 2008 Ryan SLack

(c) Ryan Slack

One of the Stops on Red Bull’s “Ditchin’ Skate Tour” we went to Guapo Skateboards‘ private skate warehouse. One side was full of ramps and the other was more open with boxes and rails. It was pretty nice.

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picture-1.png(c) Ryan Slack 2008 I am going to shoot more black and white. It makes me happy. 

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