January, 2009

Beatdown in Xi’an Comments Off

Shoplifter in Xi'an gets justice 4 on 1. (c) Ryan Slack 2007Shoplifter in Xi’an gets justice 4 on 1. (c) Ryan Slack 2007

I was looking through some of my pictures from China and came across these pictures. I remember when it happened, I had just gotten into Xi’an from Bejing and I was all stoked to be in a new city. I saw this one alley that was really colorful and inviting with lots of merchants and i only got about 200 ft into it when this guy runs past me full force and grazes my shoulder, and said to my self “that was rude.” But before i could finish what i was saying like four more guys come up form behind and are apparently chaseing this dude. Pretty soon is was a 4 to 1 beatdown. It turns out they were shop owners and he had stolen some cheap necklace or something. Wild!

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(c) Ryan Slack 2008

(c) Ryan Slack 2008

(c) Ryan Slack 2008

Touristy/travel Pictures form a recent trip to Portland Oregon.

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surfnturf002.pngSlaysh Tank and Shred Stixx Rider Jack Oman. (c) Ryan Slack 2009surfnturf005.pngSlayshTank and Shred Stixx Rider Landon Reichle. (c) Ryan Slack 2009

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(c) Ryan Slack 2009

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picture-32.png(c) Ryan Slack 2009

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(c) Ryan Slack 2009

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