May, 2009

Everyone Gets an Eyepatch 0

“Eyepatches may interfere with depth perception” (c) Ryan Slack 2009

More retouching/screwing around on the computer. Tied to add grain and duo-tone it. That is, giving hte mids and highlights a brownish tint, and the shadows a navy tint. click to enlarge to see my badass grain job.

Everyday 0

“The explosion is nothing new to me” (c) Ryan Slack 2009

the Perils of Retouching 0

Reduced maximum density, its too subtle to tell I guess. (c) 2009 Ryan Slack

This new sharpening technique may not be the best, as it does not scale down well. (c) 2009 Ryan Slack

I feel like I need to step up my game as far as retouching is concerned. I usually go about this by opening an old picture that has some good content to start with, and then guess and check. You know, turn one slider too far in one direction, then too far in the other, and then bouncing back and forth until you find a happy medium. After loosing track of time adjusting colors, adding masks, flattening, duplicating, and redoing, etc, you finally have a end product that you are satisfied with. Then I like to click on and off the layers so I can see the before and after, you might even tell yourself, “Damn, that is a badass retouch job I just did.”

You give yourself a pat on the back, go to the fridge, grab a beer, and do whatever for a few minutes, come back to the computer screen, and see this horrible butchered debauchery of a photograph, and you say “WTF happened to the picture I just retouched? Did I not save it?”

Yes, well, while retouching an image you get so absorbed in making the concrete in the foreground to look cool you inadvertently have made his face break out is some crazy form of digital acne. You have to remember to breath, look away, and gain perspective, because a computer screen can rot your eyes out. I guess it is the same for painters, looking at he same thing for too long.

Anyway, once you have finally settled on the picture, done everything you can do and think it looks great, you can show it to your friends. They will all be like, “Oh tight how did you do it?” and then you are like, “I cant remember, no idea at all”

Pshaww, In the 15 minutes it took me to write this, I have already grown bored of both pictures. I mean, the first one doesn’t even look finished to me anymore. But 30 minutes ago I thought it was groundbreaking new stuff. Typical.

Green Chair: you love it 0

(c) Ryan Slack 2009

4:00am Contruction Sesh 0

Apparently you have to pour concrete in the dark for best results. (c) Ryan Slack 2009

Lots of Concrete. (c) Ryan Slack 2009

Suh-Lay-Ssssh Tank 0

“Act like the water is warmer than is really is…” Team SlayshTank (c) Ryan Slack 2009

“I’m gonna pop this light in your eyes, try not to flinch” Johnny Stieg and Chase Hazen. (c) Ryan Slack 2009

Landon Riechle (c) 2009 Ryan Slack

A few more pictures from a recent SlayshTank gathering.

Quotes to get the shoot moving: 0

“Just look tragically hip and incredibly cool ” for NSIDE Magazine (c) Ryan Slack 2009

“Just clean your hands like you were working on something dirty” for Slack & Co. (c) Ryan Slack

“Just lean forward like you are genuinely interested in what I am saying” Nico LaHood for NSIDE Magazine (c) Ryan Slack 2009

Hippy-Hops and Sketchy Gaps 0

“That’s an ollie not a drop” Justin Kee (c) Ryan Slack 2009

“Clearly it is an ollie” Justin Kee. (c) Ryan Slack 2009

“Board goes under, Kee goes over” Hippie Hop. (c) Ryan Slack 2009

My buddy Cid Salcido and I have teamed up with local skate-shat Justin Kee. He wants to be famous, I want to be famous, Cid wants to be famous; so it all works out. I photograph, Cid videographs, and Justin does the same trick over and over until we are satisfied. Day one was yesterday, day two is tommorrow, and day three will be sometime after that. More pictures hopefully to come.

Pointless Pictures at 80mph 0



(c) Ryan Slack 2009

Cap’n Badass 0

(c) Ryan Slack 2009

Another member of the living history museum, he really was a badass.

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