June, 2009

Venice Beach: loads of concrete 0

Muscle Beach: It took me a while to realize it was a giant Dumbell. (c) Ryan Slack 2009

Archaic racket sport: a variation of racquetball, I think (c) Ryan Slack 2009

Lion/Witch/Wardrobe: Peter 0

Chad Duda: Future Star? (c) Ryan Slack 2009

I did some head shots for a local theater student/actor last month. He just got the part to play Peter in the Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe at teh Zacharay Scott Theater. The best of luck to you Chad, the bigger you get the more valuable this picture will be to me. I think it is bad to wish good luck in theater.

Bag on Grate 0

Bag on Grate. (c) Ryan Slack 2009

I can’t help but think of American Beauty. LOL.

Typical, but I couldn’t Resist 0

“Beachfront!” (c) Ryan Slack 2009

Beachfont Style Players Club: New Member 0

Venice Beach. (c) Ryan Slack 2009

From Denmark with Love 0

“Pretend this show-room is actually your house” Viggo Moelholm, President and CEO of BoConcept Denmark. (c) Ryan Slack 2009

“What color do you want your chair to be?” (c) Ryan Slack 2009

I got the oppurtunity last week to shoot Viggo Moelholm, President and CEO of BoConcept Denmark. In addition to a killer acent, he also had a posey of equally badass Danish businessmen and desigers with him. I tried to convence him to move to Austin for the live music, he did not seem intrested.

Down Under Santa Monica Pier 0

Ryan Slack 2009

Redbull/Vodka Fueled Photos 0





all photos (c) Ryan Slack 2009

Some lifestyle pictures from a recent Redbull Shoot in Houston. Photoshoots at 4:00am are becoming less and less taboo for me.