September, 2009

Basement Betty 0

“Basement Betty” (c) Ryan Slack 2009

We had an impromptu fashion shoot last night in my friend’s basement apartment. We had all of these old mannequins we were gonna use but it ended up being too far fetched, a chick sleeping with mannequins…

Local Cusine: Greasy, Tasty, Cheap 0

“May Cause Diabetes” (c) Ryan Slack 2009

After a day of unpacking boxes and assembliing the particle board explosion that is IKEA, a friend and I decided that we should order some food from Crown Fried Chicken and Pizza. Our budget was $11.85, as we had spent all of the rest of our money ($8.00) on a 2 pizza calzones and some wine earlier in the day, so we had to be frugal. We got a fried chicken dinner, two rolls, mashed potatoes, french fries, and a double bacon cheeseburger, all for $9.50! We knew it would be good, because when we got the menu, it was already transparent from grease.

The Stolen Bicycle 0

(c) Ryan Slack 2009

Angelica 0

(c) Ryan Slack 2009