October, 2009

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Assistant George. Waiting for the subject.

The Most Dangerous Skateboard Race Ever 2

(c) Ryan Slack 2009

(c) Ryan Slack 2009

Dangerous indeed! The Broadway Bomb is an 8 mile race from 116th Street all the way down Broadway to Wall Street. The dangerous part: this race was not a sanctioned event, meaning that the city did NOT give us permission to this. The traffic was there, the lights were red, the cops were chasing. While there was some safety in riding in a pack of 300 skaters, “The Bro-Force”,¬† I still wore my helmet.

(c) Ryan Slack 2009

The original plan was to get there early, sneak into a building and get on a rooftop to shoot he start of the race from. Coming from Bushwick, I planned on it taking one hour to get into the city and up to 116th st. Which is ample time to find a spot and get situated, Only the L train either hit somebody or there was construction on the tracks because that shit was not running. I took a shuttle bus across Brooklyn then got on some foreign combination of trains to get where I needed to be, thus putting me at the race about 45 seconds before it started.

(c) Ryan Slack 2009

All of the buildings around me were pretty serious looking government buildings, with security guards, so I had to abort the roof mission. I tried to snap some pictures from the middle of the road, but that produced some pretty dismal results. I had no other choice but to put on the wide-angle lens and skate the race, for pictures of course.
(c) Ryan Slack 2009

I really underestimated how hard it would be to navigate traffic, skate, take pictures, and not die. By 80th street I was already thirsty and my leg was starting to get a bit tired. I remember thinking to myself “shit, how long is 8 miles?” The uptown portion of the race was a cakewalk, we were still all bunched together so we had the “bro-force” working to block traffic. Further through midtown, traffic got more congested and the the police had caught wind of our little plan. We were dodging cars, skating through red lights, swerving around pedestrians crossing the road, and trying not to run into one another. At one point there were two police paddy wagons driving next to us, yelling as us to pull over. None of us did, because we knew that at the next red light, we would snake through the traffic and he would be stuck.
(c) Ryan Slack 2009

Finnaly we got to 2nd St, then 1st St, my body started to think the race was almost over. My front leg was complete jello at this point. If I had to do anything other than “kick-push” with my legs, they would not have worked. But then, I forgot, we still have all of SoHo and downtown to skate through. All of the sudden a double decker tour bus starts cheering for us “keep going! do it!” and for some reason that gave me a second wind (just like a lame Disney movie).

(c) Ryan Slack 2009

The pack had gotten spread out over prob. two miles at this point, the safety of the “bro-force” had left me and I looked around only to see 10 or 15 people with me. I looked up: we were not on Broadway. I looked forward: we were going the wrong way on a one-way. Oh shit! Fast turn. Cut through an alley. Skate down a sidewalk. and then miraculously (because i had no sense of direction) I am back in the pack. We get to the finish line, I was ready to catch my breath and go slap some high-fives when we here a mega phone telling us to “go away!” Apparently they were shooting some movie that 300 skaters just rolled up on. We then continued down to the southern most tip of the island, turned left, and rode up the shore to 10th street for some BBQ. I argue that was an additional 2 miles. So I’m saying 10 miles total.

(c) Ryan Slack 2009

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(c) Ryan Slack 2009

(c) Ryan Slack 2009

You can read about the race here: http://broadwaybomb.com/

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IF I had it my way, this would be my constant itinerary for living my life. Starting from New York, I will first go to Chicago to see some friends and eat some deep dish pizza and get frost-bite. Then it is off to Seattle to chill in the overcast weather, which makes for great pictures. After Seattle a quick trip to Portland, the city that works. To me, it is the Austin of the northwest. I would then continue to San Fran, that place kicks ass. I would like to stop by in LA. Despite the horribly shallow people and never ending gridlock traffic, the weather is beautiful, the plants and flowers are always so vibrant, and the beaches are super relaxing. Then I would trek over to El Protrero Chico near Hidalgo, Nuevo Leon, Mexico for some rock climbing and cuaguamas. Then of course I gotta go back home to Austin to see my peeps, to Houston for the parents, and then back to work in New York.

Repeat bi-monthly?

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LA is Beautiful looking west… (c) Ryan Slack 2009

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After a full year of making excuses and procrastination, I have finally updated my website, score!