June, 2011

To be Stiched 0

Ishmeer Glacier

View from my room in Interlaken, Switzerland.

Some cuddly animals

I have lots of panoramas to stich together, should I choose to.

Mellie in her Garden 0


My neighbor Mellie has a pretty awesome garden going in the parking lot, it goes along the outside wall from her windows to mine and we planted basil and rosemary in the windows so it smells good inside.


Nose Wheelie for Explosion

A joke I made for Greg over at DKMC a few months back that I just found again when digging through the computer. The explosion is from an air show I went to in Texas a few years ago. The nose wheelie is from their SS11 fashion week party.

Jessy Price 0


My old friend and fellow photographer Jessy Price. Helping him out today on a shoot for Bullet Magazine.

Willa in Jersey 0


We accidentally found (via my navigational skills) this park just north of the GW Bridge on the Jersey Side. Took an awesome 15 min drive down some cutbacks that were straight out of a car commercial and then hiked up this trail and chilled out. Definitely hope to get lost that successfully in the the future.

LOL we were trying to drive to Chelsea from the Bronx and ended up on a nature hike in Jersey.

Jill Platner’s Largest Piece Yet 0




I was shooting the latest and greatest of Jill Platner’s instalations last week. Most of her pieces range from 1-7 feet ant 50-300lbs. This was at least 40ft long and weighed in at 960 lbs. We could barely fit it in the studio and ened up folding it onto itself.

What’s cool about this one is it can take on lots of different shapes in different spaces, you can twist it around things, hang it, pile it up, stretch it out. Too bad its so heavy or you could make it a new art piece everyday via rearranging it.

Cutehearts 0


The Uncooperative Dog 0


Swiss men still rock plaid paints.

Swiss Boat Ride 0


This is by far my most favorite photo from my entire trip. I saw her siting inside the boat and basically stalked her when she walked around the boat. I think I’ll name her Zelda.

I ran through this mountain meadow 0


I shot this, put my camera away, dropped my bag, and ran freeely through the Swiss Alps. Really channeled some The Sound of Music vibes. It was magical.

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