November, 2011

NYPD: Work It 0

Wall Street,  2011.

Steamy American Night 0

I couldn’t resist an American Flag (via leaving a protest). 2011

Real Estate Moguls 0

East River Park in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. 2011

Worried Faces, Zany Signs 0

You can’t all speak a the same time. 2011.

Wall Street Blues 0


The same windows work late. 0

Tribeca Looking Downtown. October, 2011.

TriBeCa looking downtown. Novenber, 2011.


Redhook 0

This was after I had a really good sandwich at Fairway Market.

Beachfront Worm Holes 0

Jumping from Montauk to Brooklyn. 2011

Elvis’s Junk in the Trunk 0

Before the beach and at the car show. 2011

Secrets and Corruption 0

Never trust the NYPD. 2011

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