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Ally With Colors 0

Ally on white with color. Ryan Slack, 2013.

Ally on white with color. Ryan Slack, 2013.

1/2 week of summer for 0

Parked in front of the Russian bathhouse. Ryan Slack, 2013.

Inside some hotel lobby. Ryan Slack, 2013

I rated pretty high. Ryan Slack, 2013

Mini skyscrapers. Ryan Slack, 2013.

Twice reupholstered. Ryan Slack, 2013

Self Defense. Ryan Slack, 2013

View from home. Ryan Slack, 2013

A few frames from a disposable camera I carried around for a week. Well, not even. I was supposed to carry a disposable camera a shoot a week’s worth of my life for Voyeur. I started strong, but I lost the camera by wednesday. Found it a few months later in my car, and here  it is.

East River Ally 0

Ally from Muse, Ryan Slack 2013.

Ally from Muse, Ryan Slack 2013.

Ally from Muse, Ryan Slack 2013.

Summer at Fire Island 0

Driftwood, Fire Island. Ryan Slack 2013.
Willa on Dune. Ryan Slack, 2013.

Ally on Blue 0

Ally from Muse Models. Ryan Slack, 2013.

Perry is Chet 0

Chet w/ shopping bag and “dressy shoes”. Ryan Slack, 2013.

Perry Hall in my Studio, as Chet. Ryan Slack, 2013.

Sav Killz 0

Sav Killz by Ryan Slack, 2012

I bought a mix tape from Sav 4 weeks ago in Union Sq. We spoke for a few minutes and exchanged numbers. After a few emails back and forth he came out to my studio in Bushwick and we had a real good time shooting and exchanging stories. This is my favorite from the series.

If you like gritty 90′s east coast Hip-Hop, you will love Sav Killz.

Fresh Work 0

Ryan Slack, 2012


I haven’t posted anything in a while, I have so many pictures to share and so many more pictures to take.

Bushwick Block Party 2012 0

Smoking Hot Babes 0

Ryan Slack, 2012.

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